- As the name suggests Reusable High Powered Rockets consist of rockets that are completely reusable which means after every launch only motors needs to be changed and you are ready to go. This technology is very useful and has become a trend in current space sector. As it provided multiple benefits like multiple use, less raw material requirement, less time to launch, less labour and thus it contributes to low energy wastage and low cost. We have employed this concept to high powered rocket which can go from 200M to 50KM. Our recovery system has a success rate of 98% and it is working under high speed too. Our project basically aims to bring the thrill and excitement of space sector to a very basic level that is easily achieved by students. Today India has thousands of program which involves students in making satellites but very few in making this actual working rockets to launch them. With our new and sophisticated technology we can fill this gap thus fuelling the students interest into space sector further more.

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