PACD (Piezoelectric Atomized Cloud Dryer) is developed for the production of nanoparticles and microparticles on a larger scale. Fundamental laws of Electrostatic precipitation are employed for the collection of nanoparticles and microparticles. Piezoelectric (PZT) material when connected to an electrical signal it gets transformed into mechanical stress in a form of vibration. Introducing sample solution to PZT material, ultrasonic vibration generates waves in solution & eventually leads to produce nano-sized droplets of sample solution. Capturing nanoparticle is a difficult process, but employing high voltage generating device it produces higher electric field when connected to negative terminal and positive terminal eventually generates a charge on particle, these charged particles are attracted towards positive terminal having an opposite charge. Hence nano-sized particles of API are captured or attracted towards the positive terminal. The whole working of PACD is a continuous process meant for large-scale production of nanoparticles of drug or API.

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