We, at AnuBha, innovate period products in the New Avatar. We address the issues of fabric quality, production quality and manufacturing standards related to Period Products. We manufacture India's most scientifically and creatively designed Sustainable hygiene products alternatives. 1) Environment Friendly: The use of single-use sanitary pads generates 113,000 tons of waste every year in India. AnuBha pads follow 3R i.e Reuse+Reduce+Recycle. Pad can be reused for 5 YEARS and after its lifespan it is recyclable so it is completely ZERO-WASTE. 2) Health Friendly: AnuBha pads are hygienic, staydry and breathable, so it is RASH-FREE, INFECTION-FREE, UTI-FREE. It is DIOXIN-FREE (non-cancerous) (Dioxin is highly toxic and damages the immune system, interferes with hormones and causes cancer). 3) Pocket Friendly: AnuBha's products are innovative, safe, and sustainable with an AFFORDABLE range for all ages,classes and masses. Our current products are : -In production and selling in the market: 1) Reusable Period pads 2) Reusable White Discharge pads 3) Menstrual Cup 4) Reusable Postpartum Pads -Prototype is ready: 1) Reusable Incontinence pads for men and women 2) Reusable Period Panty 3) Reusable Incontinence Panty 4) Disposable fabric pads

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