• To bring to your notice, it is very important to understand that every living being on this planet has an intrinsic value that needs to be respected. • Let’s not ignore the role of cows in our ecosystem who play a major role in nutrition of other organisms (like humans) as well in many ways. • “A cow is not a milk producing factory”, rather, is a gift of nature who is energetically strong enough to strengthen others. • Let’s not feed them anything, instead,let us feed them a balanced cumulative nutrient rich diet like POSHAN. • By keeping our responsibilities towards cows ahead of anything else, let’s join together for a good cause- cattle(cow) health. • Being very specific to cows at this moment, let me introduce you to our project POSHAN-an initiative that primarily focuses on cow’s nutrition and health. • Around 16-17 million tonne of Agricultural waste is either burnt out or unused in the country. • With the aim of channelizing this agricultural waste into bringing up something productive, we are trying to aid WHITE REVOLUTION via GREEN REVOLUTION. • Better quality of food for cattle will result in better health of cattle which in turn will yield better quality of fortified milk. • We at POSHAN believe that this will not only help us fight malnourishment in cows and calves but also help battle poor immune system in cows.

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