Neelu Patel From Ahmadabad, India Is An Artist Who Uses Paper-Machie' In Order To Help Save Our Environment. She Paints And Creates Marvelous Art Pieces Using Newspapers. She Recycles Small Pieces Of Newspaper Which Would Otherwise Be Wasted As Scrap. She Has Made Several Pieces Of Art Over The Years And Has Held Many Exhibitions Both In India And Abroad. She Believes That If A Country Is Given Carbon Credit For Low Emission, Then Why Can't An Individual Also Be Accredited? she Savs 'Inspiration Arises Within A Fraction Of A Second And Even You Don't Know, That Your Existence Is Going To Dissolve In The Beautiful Outcome Of It. That Is Inspiration To Me And It Struck Me Instantly When I Thought Of Nurturing The Idea Through Paper-Mache. The Exhibition Celebrates neelu's Art and Investigates What Prompted Her to Tackle the Serious Issue of Environment Preservation, What Has She Been Working on in the Past and What Her Future Plans Involve. She has awarded state award from Gov. of Gujarat and national award by Gov. ofIndia.

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