Issues surrounding mobility can cause a number of problems for your child within this vital stage of development. Our gait training service is designed specifically to meet your child’s mobility needs providing treatments which target the neurological and musculoskeletal systems to improve their mobility. Our ExoFrame is a supported ambulatory external Frame which aims to modify or convert any adult treadmill into a paediatric treadmill. It is a great boon in early intervention where in current physiotherapy practice, Patient needs maximum assistance ( >1 therapist ) whereas ExoFrame enables & empowers patient to work toward independence. Our key features include: · Safely upholds patient – no lift for staff, no extra gait belt needed · Perform tasks under reduced body weight– requires less energy · Reduces therapist engagement · It provides the balance, posture, and weight bearing assistance that any patient lacks. · No prerequisite level of function required · Can be used overground and over treadmill · Fits patients from infants to children · Completely customisable as per child’s age and treadmill’s · With button lock adjustment and 360 degree rotating wheels, it is user friendly · Adjustable ankle cuffs – eliminates scissoring gait pattern · Harness helps for safety and support

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