The objective of the project is to create a meeting management system for the Government Administration as well as Private Organizations. This system's goal is to support organization activities related to meeting scheduling by uploading and delivering Agenda Notifications prior to meetings with information such as date, time, and location to all attendees along with pertinent documents if any. The system will allow users to view meetings, automatically notify attendees when meetings are scheduled or the status is changed, support the creation of Minutes of Meeting (MoM), manage MoM approval and remarks for updating MoM, version control of MoM, create user-groups to add all attendees at once, add unregistered officials as ‘invitees’ for meetings, mark attendance, and share documents. This is a web-based tool. Any logged-in official can schedule a meeting, and the person who does so is known as the organizer. The meeting's organizer has the right to modify the meeting's status from ‘planned’ to 'complete’ or ‘postponed’, add attendees, adjust the venue, date, and time, and grant an attendee the right to create MoM.

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