Our project title is multi purpose electric 3 wheel scooter. This scooter specially made for physical handicap people, senior citizen people and small business owner's. Our vehicle is divided into 3 different models, first for physical handicap people, second for senior citizens and third for small business owners. Our vehicle gives a mileage of 60 km on a single charge and the top speed of the vehicle here is 45 km. This vehicle is designed in such a way that physically handicapped people can drive this vehicle very easily and they will not face any problem to sit in this vehicle. Here the second model of the vehicle is made for the senior citizen people so that the senior citizen people can drive it very easily and get a very good riding experience. The third model of this vehicle has been developed for the small business owner, so that the small business man can use this vehicle to run his business very well. In this vehicle, some facilities have been provided to carry the goods. Any small businessman can use this vehicle very easily. Here the vehicle is made of 95% Make in India material and its price has been kept so low that any middle class person can buy it very easily. Vehicle technical specification 》900W BLDC Motor, 》48v 50ah Self problem defined Smart BLDC Motor controller 》48v 28ah SMF Jel battery 》48v 3ah battery charger 》Rang 60km, 》Speed 45km/h, 》Reverse function available, 》Front telescopic suspension, 》Rear Coil suspension, 》Side light, head light, brake light, center locking system, Horn, Battery level indicator, digital speedometer 》Folding Chair Handle 》Side Door with magnetic locking system 》multi purpose trolley attachment 》Remote vehicle on/off system

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