NewzBy app will provide a service to the user so that they can read the news in just 60 seconds. As well as the user will receive news from his favorite sources in just 40-50 words. We've set up a powerful notification system, which allows the user to receive notifications and read local news as soon as the news around them is updated. Users should able to read local news in their mother tongue. NewzBy app will be designed in a way that makes the app look different from competitive apps. This app will market uniquely. The NewzBy app will be designed in such a way that even an adult ten years of age and older can use this app easily and instinctively. The concept of NewzBy app is to be brought to the market so that those who do not have enough time to read the news can get complete information about what's going on in the world around them in just one to two minutes. Apart from this, there are some people who are not particularly interested in reading news, but this app will be designed in such a way that everyone will be interested in reading short news. In addition, the main target area of NewzBy is Gujarat State. The main reason for creating NewzBy app is that there is no such app in Gujarat that provides short & local news in its mother tongue Gujarati. The app will present news to all the people of Gujarat as per their interest and all the news of the area around them immediately and in short. Daily events of Gujarat will be delivered to the people of Gujarat through our app and through trusted sources. Covering all the news of Gujarat, this NewzBy app will be available in three languages, English, Gujarati, and Hindi. In this app, news can be shared immediately with your friends and loved ones. The NewzBy app allows anyone to read news from the category of their interest. Aside from this, the targeted area will also find daily updated information in NewzBy app. The app will be launched in light mode and dark mode. In this app, one can read complete news with just one swipe and you don't even need to open any web browser. In the NewzBy app, a feature is added which will automatically scroll down to the next news after a specific period. So that you do not have to swipe manually. This means that with the control of just one button, you will be able to view up-next news. The time to read the news can also be set by the user.

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