In recent time the requirement of food storage and preservation like fruits and vegetable is prime necessity because to export in other state or another country it take time in days and to prevents the ripening and spoilage in fruits and vegetables it is essential to expand their shelf life. Also the food appearance is the most perceived expectation of the consumers. To resolve this issue and prolong the shelf-life of food there is different chemical and physical strategies are employed. Here we approach edible coating solution to formed a thin layer film on outer surface of fruit/vegetables. Application of edible films and coating is a simple technology effective in extending the shelf-life of foods. The formed layer of coating help to prohibit the spoilage in food due to various environmental effects like moisture, temperature , gas exchange, etc. The promising properties of this type of coating solution are antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti browning and texture enhancing. Edible coating is also biodegradable and biocompatible polymers from natural sources. So it doesn't have any side effect or hazardousness. It is also easy to implement and cost effective compare to previously approached techniques like wax coating.

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